Why Choose INKE Franchise

Why INKE Franchise is RIGHT for you

Proven Business Model

Proven business model and ongoing support to encourage exponential growth.  Methodical system of product development, market research, and strategy implementation allows INKE to deliver tested offerings with preferred pricing and service-level agreements to our franchise partners.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Provide full Printing Solutions to serve all types of Printer Models for both Inkjet and Laserjet.

Recurring Revenue

Reliable Products and Services tailor made to serve all types of National Government and Private industry, and also local businesses in your area for continuous partnership.

Stable and Fast Growing Industry

IT, Computer and Printer service is one of the fastest and most profitable industries.

Established System Tools

Established systems, tools, products, services, marketing, and operations allows the franchisee for a quicker and more efficient business launch.

In-depth Franchise/Product Training and
Proactive Support

Continuous research on new products and services that will fit the need of the existing market and a support strategy in which anticipates customer issues. It can either remedy them in advance or design service resources such that, when the question does arise, the customer is presented with the answer without needing to contact the costumer support.

Collaborative Network from Franchise Business Owners

With an initiative that is designed to help you build connections with Franchisor and other Franchisee.

Rigorous Marketing and Technical Support

Established systems for both Digital Marketing and Direct Response Marketing for a guaranteed sales and fast ROI’s.